Use of Information Technology in Libraries

Use of Information Technology in Libraries

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Год: 2012
Автор: Md. Zillur Rahman
Издательство: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Описание: Information Technology (IT) is a comprehensive term which illustrates the whole fields of technology used for generation, storage, transmission, retrieval and processing of information. IT has become an integral part of modern University Library System. Over the past few decades, the use of IT in library operation and activities has increased exponentially all over the world particularly in developed countries. Its extensive use in developing countries like Bangladesh has been observed no more than one and a half decade ago.This book, based on extensive survey into the matter, makes an effort to draw a clear picture how extent the University Libraries in private sector, using IT for their day to day library operation, activities and services despite having a lots of constrains in Bangladesh. This work also describes the impacts of IT on library staffs and users and puts suggestion to the new roles of library professionals and information scientists for future developments of IT and...

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